​Painting related evaluation, for a $50.00-$100.00 fee (aver.)

​Are you having a painting related problem you can't get your head around? 

​Consider an inexpensive, on-site consultation utilizing my 40 years experience in the industry.

​I will listen, look and test the area(s) to be re-painted and/or restored.

​-Examples include: mold and mildew related problems, dark lines on ceilings/ghosting, torn drywall repairs/ re-taping, paint sheen problems (flashing/shiners), overall project step-by-step procedures.

-A "Free Estimate" does not really tell you what needs to be done. Using the right products and the right workmanship guarantees a good result

​CALL 860-529-5771 voiceml.

​or email:



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​work is determined either by a written estimate or a written agreement based on an hourly labor rate

Hourly Rate: $35.00 hour

​Please contact me for a detailed estimate request

Specialize in small interior work, 

​Including painting of walls, trim, ceilings. 

​Also, many repairs related to new home purchases or prep for sale painting projects.